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INFORM Reporter 5 is the most advanced report-writing solution that you can buy, and can be used in both Primary and Secondary schools.
Sample report using mark-boxes/option boxes. The program allows you to design your own reports precisely as YOU want them.

INFORM Reporter 5 is a centralised system. The administrator has complete control over format, layout, font, use of statements etc.
  • Reporting-on-line ready.
  • Includes full checking and correction functions for use before reports are issued.
  • It is so easy to use that no training is needed for teachers.
  • School administration time need be no more than one hour in total from producing the blank reports to the final printing.
  • Teacher work is minimised by removing from them all unecessary tasks, such writing pupil names and printing the reports.
  • Reports are issued from and returned to a central database making retrieval, checking, correcting and printing quick and simple.
  • Supplied with or without statement banks according to your school's preference.
  • School-designed report formats, including Text boxes, Option boxes and/or Tick Boxes.
    For speed and reliability the program does NOT use MS Word. Instead it has its own built-in drawing module!
  • Automated one-click production of teacher-specific, blank reports - distribution via work-station or USB stick.
  • Teachers work at home or at school.
  • Automated one-click report collection and collation.
  • Reports can display historical data.
  • Includes data addition and data analysis functions.
  • Export to Excel function allowing import of data into Sims etc.
  • INFORM Reporter 5 has been used in schools for over seven years - SECURE, RELIABLE - no use of the internet.

Your next step: Demo downloads are available (see 'DOWNLOADS'). If after trying the download you would like to test the software completely, a fully working, time-limited version (three months licence) can be made available to your school.
E-mail inform.queries@blueyonder.co.uk with your request.


Download  the full demonstration version of INFORM Reporter 5 (11.1 Mb).

View  the instructions for installing and using the full demonstration version of INFORM Reporter 5.

Download  Only the teacher report-writing program from INFORM Reporter 5 - 4.4 Mb.

View  the instructions for installing and using INFORM Reporter 5